Oil for wood floors: knowledge, pureness and nourishment

Technological progress have increased the durability of the material that man mostly used for his urge of creation. Wood.
Today, the ones who describe wooden floors as fragile elements are completely outdated.

Oil has always been a symbol of pureness, knowledge and nourishment.
Solid range oils finally solve the ancient question “nature or technology?”

No contrast. A perfect couple.

Discover Solid wood floors oils:

olio per parquet

    • SolidOil. Water-based wood floor oil. The transpiring oil, For breathing wooden floors.

olio all'acqua per parquet

oli per decking esterno

    • SoliDeck. The oil for exterior

      For a weather-protected and non-slip decking.Solid oils enhance wooden floors with a formulation based on vegetal extracts of controlled origin and exalt the nature of the wood.
      At the same time, thanks to its UV+ Protection absorbers, tecnologia UV+ Protection Solid oils have extraordinary aesthetic and mechanical performances, not inferior compared to the other wonderful coatings of Solid range.

vernici ecologiche per parquetvernice per parquet