the long way of our coatings


On July 2003 Lindo Aldrovandi (Renner Italia’s CEO) was fired by the multinational that bought his former company. Even if, during his management, there had been a boom in sales. He opened to the foreign markets and launched water-based formulation with the help of the best researchers. It was a revolutionary choice because, till then, wood coatings were solvent-based only.


This success was not enough for the new American owners. Lindo Aldrovandi’s role was downgraded until the moment he received a redundancy notice. It was a difficult moment. But the businessman did not agreed. And he started again.


One month later, he got an agreement with the heirs of Giancarlo Cocchi (the founder of Aldrovandi’s former company) and Alexandre Cenacchi, the majority shareholder of Renner Sayerlack, the Brazilian wood coatings company, leader of the South-American market.

Thanks to this agreement between Cocchi’s family and Alexandre Cenacchi, Renner Italia came to light. At the head of the company: Lindo Aldrovandi.


In autumn 2003, some of Aldrovandi’s old collaborators decided to resign and follow him in his new project. The first ones who believed in the project were the chemists of the water-based coatings laboratory. On January 2004, five months after the reception of that redundancy letter, Renner Italia was inaugurated.

More and more employees of the old company resigned and contributed to the growth of Renner Italia.

In 2011, 2012 and 2014 the Databank – Cerved Group, a prestigious institute for business information, awarded Renner Italia with the prize “Company to Watch” in the category of industrial coatings.


During the first ten years, Renner Italia built its own ethical principles and all the employees (250 workers in 2015) and the clients too were paying attention to this innovative way to do business.

From 2009, Renner Italia seemed to be a step ahead of the others, in the industrial relations, in the social responsibility and in the salary conditions of its employees.

Lindo Aldrovandi wanted to establish the 14th month of salary and a part of the incomes was distributed to the workers. From 2012, 50% of the energy savings is deposited in the paycheck.

An elimination of the wastes allowed the company to give a bonus of 2.150 € in 2013, of 3.500 € in 2014 and of 2.750€ in 2015.

In 2012, the initiative “Uno stipendio in più contro la crisi” got the prize “Premio Impresa Ambiente from the Italian Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare and from the Camera di Commercio of Rome.


The history of Renner Italia is the history of Lindo Aldrovandi. He is an entrepreneur born in an industrious land, the territory of Bologna, and grown up with the values of a good Italian spirit.

Son of a policeman-partisan and of a housewife, this entrepreneur demonstrated to be able to get up again after the fall and to learn from it.

Furthermore, he was able to create a company socially responsible, with great ethical values and with a transparent management.