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Solid is a trademark
of Renner Italia

The coatings for wood floorings of Renner Italia

Solid is the range of coatings for wood floorings intended for installers. Solid water-based coatings are created in Renner Italia laboratories. The coating of wood floorings can be realised by means of oil topcoat that enhances the wood colour in a natural way, or by means of a coating with high chemical and mechanical resistances. Solid range consists in coatings for wood floorings and oils for wood floorings, all water-based, that can satisfy every need. Choose a matt topcoat or a glossy topcoat. Solid offers also coatings for exterior and oils for exterios, in addition to a specific range of auxiliary products. Inside a Solid can there is the entire Renner Italia technology for the coating of wood floorings.