Wood floors: oil or coatings for exterior? Solideck challenge

Wood floors coatings or oils? If your parquet is enhanced by Solid coatings, this old issue in no more effective. Solid wood floor oils or coatings are the answer to any esthetical or performance demand.

Today, we want to talk you about an extraordinary product for decking. An oil with the same resistance qualities of a coating.

We are talking about Solideck, the innovative water-based oil for decking. This oil has a determined and resistant character. It is UV rays, water and molds resistant. This oil wears out allowing a new treatment without sanding down. High comfort for technicians.

In order to evaluate Solideck oil performances, we put 64 wood tiles in our natural degradation field for a year.
These tiles are:

  • teak
  • ash
  • Ipe
  • Xtreme
  • Kenoby
  • ¬†Massaranduba
  • Iroko
  • Angelim
  • Garapa
  • Duro
  • Accoya

The 64 decking samples are treated with six different coating systems. Four of them include Solideck treatment. Two of them have been applied on a waxed effect wood stain and the second on an acrylic topcoat.

The aim is to verify, with tangible datas. the superior qualities of Solideck compared to traditional coatings for exterior.

The natural degradation field test will end in 2018.

olio per parquet da esterno


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