Outdoor wooden floors? A natural choice

Un esempio di parquet da esterno

Decking is a type of outdoor wooden floor

Good weather has come (come on, let’s try to be positive!) and living outside is a pleasure. What can be better than enjoying an elegant and comfortable patio or terrace as an upgrade of your house?

Wooden floor, so natural

Outdoor too, the main trend is to choose natural materials that give us positive sensations. Wooden floors represent the perfect choice, both under the shadow of and elegant perch or on a sunny terrace. Special productive processes and coatings protect from aggressive weather the precious wooden floors we have chosen in order to embellish our houses.


The secret to improve wooden floors resistance outdoor is the installation: gleaning from the experience in the nautical sector, it is easy to imagine how an installation with rightly separated lags facilitate rain discharge (or the water used to hose down plants and flowers too!); in this way it does not become stagnant on the floor surface or bottom.

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Design: more space to imagination

Apart of many other aspects, it is possible to match your decking with many design solutions, following the concept of natural materials or preferring sharp contrasts. Stones, wood, iron or glass will be welcomed by your wooden floor: it will be enough to choose the right coating colour for your space.

An outdoor space is, typically, informal. So why don’t you think about recovered material in order to decor walls and flower boxes? One or two wooden crates could be useful to realize wonderful shelves for your flowers. You can even “hang your garden” using some tiles on your walls as a background.

Divide and… furnish!

For you furnishing, we suggest you to divide the space following functional areas. The relax zone can be made with some big white cushions on a tatami mat, for example, while an iron and ceramic bistrot table can identify a snack or dining area.

Summer is synonym of heat, for this reason it is necessary to protect from the sun. if we don’t have a perch above us, a beach umbrella or an outdoor curtain could make your space really elegant and comfortable.

In conclusion, at night, lighting has to consider disturbing insects. We suggest to use a perimetral lighting, even with classic lemongrass candles, in order to create a fenced area against those uwanted guests.